Immigration Attorneys Boulder, Colorado

The Law Offices of Murad & Murad, P.C., engage exclusively in the practice of immigration and nationality law. The firm successfully represents corporations, businesses and individual clients throughout the United States and abroad.

Our Clients

Our clientele are from a variety of different industries that include information technology, telecommunications, biotech, finance, printing, manufacturing, medical (nurses and doctors) and academic institutions. Our full range of immigration law services includes non-immigrant visas like Bs, Hs, Ls, TNs and others, as well as permanent residency (green cards) in both the employment and family based scenario.

Our Focus

The focus of the firm is to provide quality legal services and excellent customer care at a cost that is both reasonable and competitive. Our goal is to guide and provide a seamless environment between client and attorney throughout the immigration process. We offer an open, accessible law firm, and we are willing to represent your interests ethically, zealously and expeditiously.

An important determining factor to consider when choosing an immigration law firm is whether they genuinely care about their clients. What distinguishes our immigration practice from others is our highly experienced staff dealing with “people” in the world of immigration and naturalization. Our satisfaction is derived by helping businesses grow through immigration. We enjoy helping families and individuals obtain employment or a new home country and, in general, live the “American Dream” which has been bringing immigrants to the USA for over two centuries. Consequently, we work human being to human being, giving each undeniable respect.

We welcome any inquiries you may have regarding our services. Please contact our offices via telephone or email to request an in office appointment or telephone consultation regarding your immigration needs.

Quality Legal Services

Immigration is an ever-changing legal arena. We are fully informed of new laws and regulations, as well as government processing procedures. We meet this requirement through extensive interaction with government agencies, attendance at immigration meetings and seminars throughout the United States, as well as significant involvement with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). This commitment to the knowledge of current regulations and information enables us to offer our clientele innovative and strategic legal representation.

Quality Customer Service

What distinguishes our law firm from many others is our excellent customer service.  We are a “hands on” law firm and we strive to give all of our clients immediate access to our attorneys and staff.  Our goal is to provide our clients not only top quality legal representation, but also excellent customer service. In our effort to remain accessible, we work extensively through email, Internet, telephone and courier services.

Our office will work directly with you, the client, to establish processing procedures that benefit you or your company, while also expediting the process.

For corporate clients, we routinely provide on-site legal representation and seminars.

Competitive Fees

Our competitive fee structure is developed to provide you with reasonable costs for your immigration-related matters. Additionally, our clients authorize the legal services required, and are only charged for what is requested. Our permanent residency fees may be amortized over a period of time.

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